We provide septic tank cleaning services for your business in Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia & All Of Maryland.

Septic Tank Cleaning, Grease Trap Cleaning
Water Jetting In Maryland.
For Over 75 YEARS!.

A.J. McDonald Sr. started cleaning septic tanks & grease traps in Baltimore MD in 1941. The Baltimore Yellow Pages created a listing for septic tank cleaning for my grandfather. We were the only one in the book for a while. This generated so much work that my Grandfather was literally giving work to the competition. Eventually they figured it out and now everyone is in the book.

A.J. McDonald Jr. took over the business in the 70’s. A.J. Jr. was at his daughter's wedding reception in the 80’s when a call came that one of our customer's tanks was overflowing. So imagine the customer's surprise when he saw my father get out of the septic truck in a full tuxedo. That customer realized then that we offer customer service like no one else! In the fall of 2010, A.J. Jr. retired and left the business to his two sons, Jim and Mike, who passed it down to 3rd and 4th generation owners Jim & son Jim McDonald. Because of determination to take care of our customers, we have operated for 76 years now without a single formal complaint ever filed against us.

A.J. Mcdonald Company Reviews Throughout Maryland.

A.J. McDonald Company Inc. has been in business for 76 years. We are grateful for our customers. We know without them, we never would have lasted this long. That is why we do every job in a neat, clean, thorough, and professional manner — as if it were our own.

The Best Septic Tank Cleaning Service In Maryland.

Looking to have your septic tank pumped in Maryland? The A.J Mcdonald Company has been providing affordable septic tank pumping services and maintenance programs for over 75+ years. The A.J Mcdonald Company can take care of the pumping and cleaning of septic tanks, grease traps and interceptor systems. Our technicians are also equipped to provide water jet drain cleaning, full-service plumbing, and power washing services.

Septic Tank Cleaning Programs

The A.J. Mcdonald Company provides septic tank cleaning and maintenance programs to chain restaurants as well as individual restaurants and food establishments. Call us to discuss your needs and we will work with you to determine what schedule will keep your business operating as smoothly as possible.

Drain Cleaning Service

A.J. Mcdonald provide kitchen grease trap cleaning services throughout Maryland. We are in the restaurant grease business for more than 75 years. Our priority is making sure local restaurants and food services grease traps are kept clean, avoiding any fines they may receive otherwise. When grease traps aren't cleaned there is a large risk of fires and other hazards in the restaurant.

Hot Water Jetting Service

Water Jetting or Hydro Jetting as it’s also called is simply shooting a high-velocity stream of water under pressure into your sewer drain. This blasts away years of accumulated grease, oils, scale and other buildup that might be inside your sewer lines. The regular practice of jetting out your lines can keep you from having costly repairs later on due to broken pipes or clogs that require ground disturbance.

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At A.J. McDonald we have been providing the highest quality septic tank services in the greater Baltimore area since 1941. Our family business has been thriving off top notch customer service for over 75 years.

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