Grease Trap Cleaning



The A.J. Mcdonald Company has been cleaning grease traps in Maryland for over 75 years throughout Maryland including Grease Trap Cleaning Baltimore County, Grease Trap Cleaning Anne Arundel County & Grease Trap Cleaning Howard County. We'll work with you to establish a service schedule that's convenient for you and your customers. We will help you stay in compliance with any Maryland mandated service frequencies in place and record keeping. Don't let an emergency ruin your customers' experience! Help prevent backups inside and outside your Maryland restaurant and stop grease from entering the municipal sewer line by having us pump your trap on an appropriate frequency. We'll take care of scheduling, leaving you more time to manage your operation and serve your customers in Maryland.


We offer fast, reliable 24-hour service. We’re equipped to handle any size trap or interceptor, 5 to 50,000 gallons, inside or outside. Whether you are a small business owner or have a chain of restaurants in Maryland, The A.J. Mcdonald Company will meet your needs. Every gallon of waste pumped is tracked “cradle to grave”. A manifest and an invoice are recorded for each service so you can rest assured that your waste is being handled legally and properly.


The A.J. Mcdonald Company takes pride in being your partner in achieving a greener environment. Call The A.J. Mcdonald Company today at (443) 891-4131 or Contact Us for a FREE quote for your grease trap cleaning service in Maryland today.